Backyard Butchering & Homestead Meat Processing

06:00 am - 07/20/2017

@ Heart 2 Heart Farms

21555 SW Hells Canyon Rd
Sherwood OR  97140

I am going to be teaching custom workshops for the next month or so to help people prepare for this year's harvest season/hunting season. If you have a specific date you'd like to attend, please RSVP with private message, and I'll get you scheduled to the best of my ability.

WARNING: This is a LIVE ANIMAL HARVEST!! You need to be aware you will be observing and participating with this process. There will be blood, guts, etc. If you cannot handle that, please avoid this event!

We created this event in response to the large numbers of community members who reduce butchering cost, learn to process themselves, and wish to learn a more eithical alternative to the omvinorous lifestyle.

We offer two primary options during these events:

Observer ($50) - As an observer, you can come on any day for a two-hour period and observe all aspects of the process, asking questions and gleaning information the entire time. We will cover the basics of equipment, procedure, warnings, legalities, and safe handling. You are encouraged to take notes the entire time-the more interaction the better. These slots must be scheduled, but you are not obligated to stay the entire time.

Shareholder ($100) - As a shareholder, you own a percentage of the animal to be harvested. You will receive unlimited access to the multiple days of lessons, and a 20% share in whatever animal you are harvesting. All lessons will be demonstrated, then you will have the ability to practice and receive coaching. Each of these slots must be scheduled, but you are not obligated to stay the entire time.

You can reserve your slot by paying via paypal (, or we can send an invoice for you to pay by debit/credit online. Email invoice requests and any questions to (please put "butchering workshop" in the title).


******** This is the end of the Butchering Workshop Event *****
The following is information regarding our meat donation program and free meat events:


Heart 2 Heart Farms has many programs for families in need. We support and donate over $10,000/yr to the Good Neighbor Family Pantry (, as well as host gleaning events every week. When it comes to farm-fresh meats, we have a few very specific programs. First, we allow (and encourage) people who are hurting financially to work-trade or barter for livestock and use our space/services to harvest it themselves (further saving on cost), provided we have the extra livestock available.

Folks physically unable to work trade are scheduled to attend and assist with individual harvesting. EVERYONE MUST BE SCHEDULED individually to attend!! Again, because of the sensitive nature of these events, NO-ONE will be able to observe, or participate in any butchering without confirming they have read the entire event description AND being scheduled by one of our volunteers.

We host events somewhat regularly, sometimes in very close proximity to each other. Joshua and Tyler juggle correspondence from over 500 families at a time, and they get people scheduled as fast as possible. Be persistent with your emails/texts :) and thank you SO much for your patience and understanding-it's just 3 people doing ALL of this, and we're doing the best we can :)

If you know how to butcher yourself, our schedule is EXTREMELY flexible, but ONLY if you can do it yourself (we can offer some guidance)! Let us know if you know how!

BE AWARE: These are BYOB events! Bring your own BAGS... Bring your own BASKETS...Bring your own BUCKETS... Bring your own BLADE, and bring your own cutting surface (if you are able). We are providing the animal and the are bringing whatever you need to cut, wrap, and haul the meat away :)

BEFORE YOU HEAD THIS WAY: Heart 2 Heart Farms, LLC (In Sherwood Oregon), GENEROUSLY donates their time, their equipment, and their space to help the Good Neighbor Family Pantry get food to those in need. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL of their space.
First, this farm is on a HILL, and there is ONLY street-side parking. If you cannot walk up a hill, you will need to bring someone who can do it on your behalf.
Next, this is an outdoor event, and the farm is not equipped with a covered area, so please wear/bring weatherproof/appropriate clothing/accessories.
Also, we generally don't have enough bags, boxes, and carrying containers for everyone, so we advise EVERYONE to bring their own.
Finally, if dirt, animal poop, stink, and flies bother you, please save yourself the headache and do not attend this event-it is held at A FARM." Children are welcome, but the "child-oriented activities" are few (again, we are a functional farm), so if you bring children, please don't get your feelings hurt if we don't have baby tools with appropriate toddler-tasks laid out for your 2, 4, and 6-year-olds when you arrive.

FREE MEAT EVENTS are generally donated animals from a few local farms (some have simply been culled, while others may have been injured), but we harvest them and allow anyone in need glean for their family to use. We know MANY families are struggling to put food on the table, and this is one way we can help!

IMPORTANT: This is NOT packaged, "store-quality" meat! It is NOT USDA stamped, or processed in a USDA facility! This is a SALVAGE event, so our quantity (and quality) is different every event, and extremely limited. We've found what we do makes an INCREDIBLE difference to MANY families who would otherwise be eating only processed food, but if any of the above things bother you, you may want to pick a different event :)

WE NEED HELP: We ask/encourage EVERYONE to show up NOT just to take meat, but help us continue to provide this service. We are a very tiny group, just trying to help...we don't have a staff, and our resources are limited. If you believe in what we're doing, and want/need it to continue, please come pitch in and help us in our cause :)

PLEASE NOTE: The farmers at Heart 2 Heart Farms need help around the farm ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, and all ages/skill levels of volunteers are welcome (provided they have filled out and turned in required volunteer/gleaning liability waivers [available on-site]).

Further Warning:
Under Oregon Law, there is no liability for injury to, or death of a participant in an equine or agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury or death result from the inherent risks to equine or agritourism activities including, among others, risk of injury or death inherent to land, animals, equipment, chemicals, or livestock. By entering this property, you are assuming all risks of participating in equine and agritorism activities.

Now, if we haven't scared you off yet, you might be our kind of people! :) Before we go any further, we'd like to SINCERELY apologize for the length and complexity of this process, and the delay in getting back to everyone. Regulations (and arrogant, opinionated people) make this process pretty difficult, and we want to thank YOU (the thankful ones) SO MUCH for your support and patience.

These events, when posted, commonly go viral (reaching over 50,000 people locally In the first two days alone), so we are booked non-stop, sending thousands of responses to various families and organizations in need! We are HONORED to be able to provide this service, and are constantly streamlining our system so we can do this REGULARLY and EFFICIENTLY throughout the year. Our goal is to help EVERYONE in need/turn down no-one, and so far, we've been able to make that happen!

Once you have RE-read this entire description, and are completely comfortable with the process, It's time for us to put you into our system. :) To do that, and to help us prioritize who needs food first, we ask that everyone send an email TITLED "Free Meat Request" along with the following basic information to

1: Full Name
2. Email Address
3. Cell Phone Number
4. Whether you text (& your preferred method of contact)
5. Number of adults and children in your Household
6. Whether you have any harvesting/butchering experience and if you could harvest solo (with guidance)
7. If you've received meat from us before (and when)
8. How much meat you need/how much you can store
9. NEED RANKING: Please rank the urgency of your need from 1 to 10 ("1"being you are able to buy meat at the store somewhat regularly, "10" being you have no food in your home).
10. Brief description of your need and situation
11. Please describe what YOU are able to do, trade, or give back to keep this system going and keep us sustainable. (for example, "If you can fill my freezer, I can help you around the farm with building projects," "I can write reviews and letters on your behalf," or, "I have tools or building material I don't use that I can give you or trade for the meat you give us." This event was created FOR the community, BY the community...meaning, it's FOR YOU, but, until we have giant corporate sponsors or a dedicated fundraising team, the three of us cannot do all of this stuff solo/without your continued help and support.

Note: if you fail to use the EXACT wording ("Free Meat Request") in your title, or fail to provide ANY of the above information in your email to us, you will not be contacted/put on the list, so make sure the info you sent is COMPLETE (and feel free to re-send if you made a mistake/think it didn't go through). AGAIN, THE TITLE MUST BE EXACT!

If you have not heard from anyone within 48 hours, feel free to re-send or text Tyler at 503-519-2127. Note: the GPS gets most people lost! Directions to the farm are available at

If you have any concerns, you may text Tyler Boggs at 503-519-2127.

Thank you again for your patience; we look forward to serving you soon!

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