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Auto Solution

The nice thing about large public car dealerships is that, being a public company, they are required to report profits.

Why is that important? Because we (you and I) can read results like F&I income.

F&I, or finance and insurance, is the money the dealer makes after you buy the vehicle. The profit is from:

*(F)inance*, the markup in rate or kickback from the financier, and *(I)nsurance*sales like life, accident, health, warranties, and gap insurance.

"Oh that can't be much" you say. Well here are the numbers from two groups:

1. Sonic, a large holding company of dealers, last quarter reported $1259 per car. $1259.
2. Lithia, a large Medford-based car holding company (8th in the nation), reported a mere $1202.

That's money AFTER the purchase of the car.

At Auto Solution we do not have an F&I department. You buy the car from us and get Credit Union financing from your own institution. Simple and easy, no $1200 F&I profit.

So, if you want a car, call us. You want a loan, call your Credit Union.
Put the $1200+ in your pocket!

Oh, one more thing. Those web sites that promise a true price? Call us.
We'll get you that price, or better, and you still won't have F&I to deal with.

There is a reason we've been around for over 20 years.

Call one of our offices.



In addition to helping members with New and Used Vehicle Purchases, we offer Accessories, Extended Warranties, CarFax Vehicle History Service, Kelley Blue Book Used Car Pricing, New Car Invoice Information, Member Auto Buying Seminars, Off-Site Credit Union Sales, FASTRAX Vehicle Update E-Newsletter and a plethora of other services. We charge No Up-front Fees and you pay us only on the consummation of a sale. For that reason we ask that you have your choices made as to Make, Model, etc, etc before contacting us. This saves a lot of time and allows us to serve many more credit union members. We are affiliated with nearly 300 credit union outlets and do everything possible to help you finance your purchase with your credit union.

All Locations:

Portland/Vancouver 800-207-2429
SE Portland 800-331-0968 ext. 229
Central/Southern Oregon 866-367-5456
Alaska/Idaho 800-938-2886
Bellevue, WA 800-935-2886
Tacoma, WA 253-473-0440
Olympia, WA 800-595-9889
Tri-Cities 800-475-2886

Anyone can sell cars, we sell service. Find out more at

AUTO SOLUTION is a Vehicle Buying Service for Credit Union Members that is dedicated to the total elimination of any and all hassle and negotiation common to a vehicle purchase. Our professional auto buying experts can help you find the vehicle of your dreams, negotiate a great deal, work with your financial institution to complete the paperwork, and deliver your new or previously owned vehicle to your doorstep.

New or used, we can find the best auto for your needs. Feel free to explore our site, or fill out our QuickQuote form in the tabs section, and one of our auto buying experts will start searching for you.

To provide a hassle free auto buying experience and provide low cost Credit Union financing.

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